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      Long ago, the course of history changed. The United States of America never reunited after the Civil War, dissembling into a band of 4 factious, warring nations that have suffered considerable political and economic instability to this day, and are wracked by religious wars and abject poverty. People call this war torn region: THE FAR WEST.

      The balance of the world's power lies in Saudi Arabia & China, the world’s largest and wealthiest nations. With drought all over the world, the price of fresh water rose, making Saudi and Chinese owned multi-national water mining companies the most valued corporations on the planet.

      These corporatocracies moved into the Far West, swallowed land and water resources, and subjugated the Western people to their corporate rule. The average Far Westerner lives on 2 litres of non potable water a day, and supplements their hydration with synthetic pills called DRIPS, created by these corporations.

      Our show is set in the nation of Eden, which is surrounded by Saudi Dams & Water Mines to the north in Zion, and extreme desert in the south of the country. Eden also borders West Babylon, their sworn enemy since the Civil War. Edenites are the poorest of the poor, and their cities are occupied by the Saudi military, who maintain this rule of the land: protect the dams to the North.


      Edenites find empowerment from a variety of local militant Christian groups, the most terrifying of which is The Christian State of Canaan, who disrupt Saudi rule on a daily basis with insurgent warfare, and are led by the reclusive and sadistic Karl Hawk.







      Water is the rarest and most strategic resource on the planet, the leading cause of political conflict, and it’s mined heavily in the Far West. In response to the harshest drought the world had seen, the superpowers of Saudi Arabia and China, alongside the other wealthiest nations, created a large scale initiative at the United Nations Association (UNA) to “find equitable solutions to quench the planet’s thirst.”

      In reality, they back puppet regimes across the Far West, finance revolutions, and meddle in the elections of developing nations. They rig contracts for Saudi and Chinese backed water mining corporations and conduct military operations as “peace-keeping missions,” in an ever expanding war on Christian Fundamentalist terror groups.

      The UNA backed corporatacracies have drained aquifers, built enormous dams, and re-routed rivers, leaving Far Westerners to die downstream. They’ve created an imperial force that patrols the streets and conducts home raids and airstrikes that kill civilians. Eden and West Babylon, whose stability has been ravaged by generational civil war between the majority Baptists and the minority Protestants, have no centralized government to represent their interests, and are kept in a constant state of thirst, poverty, and war.


      Led by the vicious Karl Hawk, The Christian State of Canaan (CSC) is an international militant Christian group and unrecognized proto-state operating across Eden, Zion and West Babylon, that follows a fundamentalist doctrine of Evangelical Christianity and calls for the death and expungement of all non-believers. They are the most feared group of terrorists in the world and devote their every action to a Holy War against the East, ridding the land of foreign invaders and increasing the territory under their control.

      CSC gained global prominence after a major terrorist attack in Dubai, toppling the Burj Khalifa. The UNA retaliated by invading West Babylon and Eden and have expanded into an endless, self-perpetuating war being fought across the Far West against Christian extremism.     

      The Christian State meanwhile have gained ground in the Canaan Valley promoting a vision of a single, unified Christian nation restored to the glory of America before the Civil War. They follow an extreme interpretation of Christianity and promote religious crusades and violence, all for the purpose of cleansing the region of foreign interests so that they may govern themselves.  

      In foreign media they are widely known for their videos of beheadings of soldiers and civilians, eastern journalists and aid workers, and their destruction of cultural heritage sites. Their black battle flag is ubiquitous:  Jesus Christ, bearing a sword, with the phrase above it, “Jesus Christ is our Savior”. Such symbolism has been said to point to CSC’s belief that it represents the restoration of the Canon Law of the Old Testament, a stark and dark contrast to the modern capitalistic citizens and nations of the East.

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