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      TALIBAMA is a dramatic original series that offers a jarring new perspective on humanity and religion. It will be, in the strictest sense, an alternate history thriller, set in the militia culture of religious fundamentalists, in the fictional Canaan Valley. But with the best original series, Talibama will be far more than a dystopian drama, and to the extent that it breaks new ground, it will do so because of greater, sweeping themes that have more to do with the human condition, the nature of religion, freedom, and most notably, national culture and identity. CHILDREN OF MEN becomes art when it stands as more than a dystopian future, but as a discussion on nationalism. The HANDMADE'S TALE is at it’s best when it rises beyond the framework of an ‘escape-the-cult' story and finds commonalities between that environment and our own world. So, too, should TALIBAMA be judged not merely as a descended of MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE or MAD MAX, but as a statement about fanatical patriotism, religious extremism, globalization, media and the military industrial complex.

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