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VICE: Cutter Hodierne talks Fishing Without Nets

CNN: Cutter Hodierne + Eddy Moretti discuss Fishing Without Nets

SUNDANCE: Cutter Hodierne wins Best Director at Sundance Film Festival

VILLAGE VOICE: Fishing Without Nets Examines a Hijacking from the Somali Pirates' POV

TWITCH FILM: Review - FISHING WITHOUT NETS Expertly Expands the Somali Pirate Story

LA TIMES: 'Fishing Without Nets' takes an authentic look at Somali pirates' life

VARIETY: Film Review - Fishing Without Nets

VARIETY: 20th Century Fox Acquires Rights to VICE Film ‘Fishing Without Nets’


Sundance: 5 DIRECTORS Who Prove Youth is Not a Burden

WNYC - The Takeaway - 'Fishing Without Nets': Somali Piracy, from the Pirates' Perspective

VICE: 'Fishing Without Nets' Won a Directing Award at Sundance

DP / 30: Fishing Without Nets, Cutter Hodierne


WASHINGTON POST: ‘Fishing Without Nets’ movie review: Something seriously different from Vice

DAY FOR NIGHT: Cutter Hodierne, Eddy Moretti & cast of Fishing Without Nets

HUFFINGTON POST LIVE: Cutter Hodierne & Danny Gabai talk Fishing Without Nets

INDIEWIRE: How to cast non-actors for your film, from the director of Fishing Without Nets

CREATORS PROJECT: First-Time Filmmakers: "Fishing Without Nets" Director Cutter Hodierne

NPR: All Things Considered - A Pirate's Perspective In 'Fishing Without Nets'


INDIEWIRE:  Award-Winning Sundance Short About Somali Pirates ‘Fishing Without Nets’

Gets Financing From VICE Media for Feature Version


WASHINGTON POST: Cutter Hodierne’s ‘Fishing Without Nets’ to premiere at Sundance Film Festival

WAMU: Modern Day Piracy: Motivations & Tensions among Somali Pirates



WASHINGTON POST - Audacity Paying Off for Young Va. Video Artist


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